Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Another beautiful and warm day in Central Minnesota.  The weather has been just awesome with unusally warm temperatures and no snow.  The best part is that you can be outside without bulky clothes on.  Just a light jacket will do.  I enjoyed making the little door hangers from my last post so I made up another one.  I modified one of my patterns from Oley Valley Primitives and came up with this design.  I still want to make one more with a Halloween theme.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year To Everyone!!!  So another new year and resolutions to reflect upon. I didn't do any celebrating except for watching the events on TV.  Going out on New Year's Eve is very low on my list of things to do.  I don't enjoy driving, knowing there are drunks out there so the safest place is home and I don't mind it a bit.  I spent some time finishing a couple of wool  door hangers that I made.  I used patterns from Oley Valley Primitives and they are the cutest.! I love the patterns and they can be e-loaded so I get them pretty quick.  These were very easy and made up quickly.